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How to deposit money in Neteller for gambling purpose?

People those who are trying to invest money in the betting site or poker site they need money for gambling purpose because the betting site never accepts the non-gambling money.  As all betting sites, casino sites, poker sites are banned and restricted in India, you can not use your debit card or credit card to deposit in those sites. Earlier it was possible but right now it is restricted. Then how people are funding money in betting sites?  You have other two options. Such as payment processors like skrill and Neteller.

This Skrill and Neteller payment processors owned by the same Admin. People use these sites for investing money in betting sites or trading sites. First, you have to fund your Neteller or Skrill account and then use that money to invest in betting sites. But the question is does the Indian bank debit card or credit card allow you to fund your NETeller account for gambling purpose? Before going to answer let me clear about funding in Neteller account. There are several ways to fund in Neteller but the easiest and instant way to fund your Neteller account is through your debit card or credit card.

While funding in Neteller, it will ask the purpose of funding. One is gambling purpose and another is the non-gambling purpose.


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If you choose the non-gambling option then the transaction will be successful but if you choose gambling option then the transaction will be declined.

It is not the Neteller which has declined the transaction. But it is your bank who issued the card has declined the transactions. Because all bank in India directed by the RBI to block the gambling transactions. So, if that is the case then how people use Neteller account to invest in the betting site.  You have to follow some tricks and I am going to say how to do it below.

Your bank has no problem with Neteller for non-gambling funding. It will accept all the transactions for the non-gambling purpose. Now, What can you do is to convert the non-gambling money into gambling. So how can you do it?


How to convert non-gambling money into gambling in Neteller?

To convert the non-gambling money into gambling you have to find a trusted friend who has a Neteller account.

The first thing you can do is use your visa or master card to fund your Neteller account. Then transfer that money to your friend’s Neteller account.  Then it will be converted to gambling money. Now you can use your friend’s account to invest in the betting site or you can say your friend to transfer that money to your account so that you can use that money in betting site.


You can follow the method below.

Step 1-Open a Skrill account and verify it. If you do not have skrill account then sign up below


                                          sign up with skrill


step 2-Then fund your Skrill account by using your visa debit card or master card for the non-gambling purpose. Follow the steps.

  • click on upload
  • select debit card or credit card
  • and then click on continue
  • Next type the amount and select nongambling
  • and then click on upload

How to transfer money from skrill to Neteller?

Once you deposit money in Skrill, your next step will transfer that money to your Neteller account to convert it into gambling money.

Step 3- log into your Neteller account and follow the steps below.

  • click on money in

  • Next select skrill

  • then type the amount and click on continue. The minimum amount you can transfer is Rs325 and maximum will be Rs 325,000 if your account has been verified.


  • now it will redirect to your Skrill account where it will ask you for security check and select pin then click on continue.

Now your money will be transferred to your Neteller account.  That money will be converted into gambling money. You can use that money for any betting site.

If you have any question please comment below or contact by clicking the link here


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      1. Yeah I thought so but there’s one more thing that we have to verify debit card at neteller and skrill,so how is it possible to verify?

  1. Now you can’t deposit money to any international money wallet like Neteller or Skrill. Restricted by RBI recently. All the Banks are stopping this kind of transactions in or out . This is coming under money laundering activity and can be caught. So please stop doing those kind of activities.

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