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How to create and verify paypal account in India?

Paypal is an online payment gateway for the overseas transaction. It will help you to receive and send money online through a registered email without sharing your financial documents to the third party.


If you are working online then you must need a PayPal account. First of all, you will receive money from other countries in the form of e-currency and PayPal will send that money to your bank account or credit card through your own currency. It’s a free service. You can open an account today with Paypal and verify it by adding your bank account for receiving money and link your debit card or credit card if you want to purchase online or send money online.


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What to verify?

  •  You have to verify your bank account (To receive money)
  • Confirm your pancard number
  • You have to verify your debit or credit card( for sending money or purchase something online)
  • You can verify your phone number to receive messages from PayPal


Debit card or credit card is only necessary if you want to send money to a friend who is staying in other countries or if you want to purchase something online or investing money online. Otherwise, the bank account is sufficient to receive money online with PayPal.


How to set up an account with PayPal and verify it (step by step guide)?

Most of the beginners have the problem to understand how Paypal works. But do not worry, its very simple to create an account in Paypal and verify it. Below I will show you how to do that with step by step guide. If you still face any
problem, just leave a comment or contact me. I have created a video regarding how to create an account, you can watch it or you can read the entire post which I have explained with images.

                                                                            sign up with PayPal

Next step one page will be opened, and it will ask you, account types and you can select shoppers account. And then click on next.

Once you select the shopper’s account and click next, then it will ask you fill up your country name, your email id, password and then click continue




Next, it will ask your name, date of birth, nationality, address, pin code, and mobile number. And here you should be honest about the information you are providing. Write the exact name which is matched with your pancard, and provides the real date of birth. Once you filled up the details, just click on agree and create an account.


Once you click on agree and create the account, you will find another window asking to link your credit card or debit card. if you do not have any debit card or credit card right now then click on I will link my card later.


Now it will ask you wait, then you can select yes, skip it.



now done. Your account has been created. your next step will check your email for confirming your email address to activate your account


Next one window will be opened. Then enter the password and then click on confirm your email address. Now done. your email address will be confirmed.


Once your account has been confirmed, the next thing you have to do is to verify your PayPal account by adding your documents details. You can add your bank account, debit card or credit card and phone number to do the transaction online.
If you do not have a debit card or credit card then do not worry. It is only necessary for purchase online. But bank account is compulsory to receive your money through PayPal.

How to verify your PayPal account?

5 things you need to verify your paypal account in order to lift the limit of your online transaction.
  • A bank account
  • pancard
  • debit card or credit card
  • purpose code
  • phone number

How to add your Pancard number in PayPal?

Now you can log into your PayPal account by using your email and password. Next thing you can do is to follow the step by step guide below.
1. log into PayPal
2. click on notifications



Once you click on notifications, you have to verify your personal and account details. For personal identification Write your first, middle and last name (which is same as your pan card and bank account). Next, write your address and then provide your pancard number. Once you filled up the details click on submit.


How to add your purpose code in PayPal?

Next, you have to verify your account details. by adding your purpose code and bank account First click on purpose code and write what is the purpose of your international cross-border transaction. You can select “business and management consultancy”. Once you did then click on submit.



How to add your bank account to PayPal and confirm it?

For the final step, you have to add your bank account. Because for receiving money online, you need to add your bank account and verify it. For adding your bank account, you need to come to PayPal home page. Just click on the summary, and click on payment methods. Next, you can see link your bank account.


Once you click on the link a bank account, then you will find the below options. It will ask you to write your account number and IFSC code. Then write your bank account details and click on continue.


After you fill up your bank account number and IFSC code, you will get following message like below. That means
they want to verify whether you are the real owner of the bank account. That is the reason PayPal will deposit two small amount of money in between 1.01 to 1.50 rupees. That amount will be credited to your bank account within 4 to 6 business days. All you have to do is check your bank account to find out the two amount by asking your bank employee or if you have net banking then log in to your bank account and find out the two amount. Next you have to confirm your bank account by logging into PayPal and write the exact amount.

Bank account confirmation

Once you click on confirmation pending, it will ask the two amount. Then write the two amount and click on confirm. If you have filled up the right amount, then the moment you click on confirm, it will be verified.

Once your account will be verified, you will be able to receive money online through your PayPal email ID. First of all, if a site will send you money through your PayPal email id, then it will be deposited in your PayPal account and PayPal will send that money to your bank account.(the process is automatic). It will take 4 to 5 business days for the amount to be credited to your bank account.

How to confirm your phone number?

While signing up with PayPal, it may already  ask you the phone number. If not, then you can add a phone number and confirm it. Or if you already added then you can just confirm it. All you have to do is click on setting and add the phone number and then confirm it. See the image below

Once you click on confirm, it will send a code to phone number and write the code in paypal to confirm your phone
number. It is necessary to receive an important message from PayPal.

how to link a debit card or credit card and verify it

If you want to purchase online or invest online or you may want to send money to a friend who is staying outside of the country, then you must link your debit card or credit card to perform the transaction. Here I can show you how to link your card. Just click on payment method and next click on the link the card

Once you click link a card, the next thing you can do is to fill up all your card details like card type, card number, expiration date, cvv code

card type– select visa or master card ( according to your card type)

card number– see the front side of your card (16 digit number)

expiry – You will find it below the card number ( some card has valid from and valid thru. In that case you just write the valid thru like 1/23 that means 01/2023)

CVV- You will find it back side of the card . Just write the last 3 digit number. see image below



Once you filled up your card details, then click on save. If you added a debit card which is from same bank already linked your paypal, then if your bank account is verified, it will just deduct some amount from debit card and again the same amount will be credited to your bank account. Paypal does it for verification purpose. If you added a debit card or credit card with different bank then it will send 4 digit code which will be visible in your card transaction within 4 business days. All you have to do is check your card transaction and find the 4 digit code and then log in to paypal to confirm your card as you did in bank account verification.

See, in my case I added my Indian Overseas Bank debit card ( card type VISA). The moment I added the card, paypal  deducted 80 rupees and again it returned the same amount within one second. That means my card has been approved by paypal for online transaction.




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