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How to deposit and withdraw your fund from skrill in India?

Skrill is an online payment processor, basically, it used for shopping, trading, betting purposes. If you have a question that how can you fund your Skrill account or withdraw your money from Skrill then I am going to show you here how to do that.

How to deposit your money in Skrill?

Below are the 4 ways, through which you can fund your Skrill account.

  1. bitcoin
  2. neteller account
  3. bank transfer
  4. using your debit card or credit card.


Funding through bitcoin

You can fund your Skrill account by using bitcoin.  The process is easy and simple. They process the payment through Bitpay and has a minimum transaction fee  130 rupees no matter the amount you are going to deposit. If you have a bitcoin wallet and have bitcoin in it, then go for it.

By using Neteller account

If you have a Neteller account, then you can transfer money from Neteller to skrill account. Transfer charge will be 3%.


Bank transfer

You can fund your Skrill account via bank transfer. Bank transfer is not instant. It may take 4 or 5 business days money to be credited to your Skrill account once you applied for bank transfer.  If it takes more than 15 days, then the transaction may be canceled. For bank transfer Skrill will not charge anything but the foreign exchange fee will be charged by your bank. My suggestion never goes for bank deposit. See other options.

Fund your Skrill account by using your card.

You can fund your Skrill account by using your debit card or credit card. This is very suitable and instant way to deposit your money. But only the debit card with logo visa or master card will be acceptable by Skrill and the same with the credit card. For visa card, Skrill will charge 1.09% fees and for MasterCard, it will charge 2.25% as the transaction fees. Apart from that, your bank may charge 3 to 5% foreign exchange fee.  But it may increase as you will do more transactions.

How to withdraw money from Skrill?

The only way to withdraw your fund from skrill is through your bank account. Before you are going to withdraw make sure, you have verified your account. For each transaction, Skrill will charge 421 rupees no matter the amount you are going to withdraw. Apart from that, your bank will charge 500 to 1000rs for foreign exchange fee. Fx fee depends on the bank. Some bank may charge less . Below 500 USD most of the bank charge 500rs as Fx fee. Above 500USD bank may charge 1000rs as foreign exchange fee. Therefore, never withdraw a small amount else you will lose all amount of transaction fees.

Below I am going to show step by step, how to withdraw money from skrill. First, log in to your Skrill account and then follow the step below.


step 1 – click on withdraw.

step 2 – Once you click on withdraw it will show the bank transfer. Then type the amount to withdraw.  Minimum transaction fee for Skrill is 457rs. And type an amount greater than 775. Because minimum amount for withdrawing is 775rs. Then click on continue.


Step 3-  Once you click on continue, then one page will be opened where you can review your transaction and click on withdraw money to complete the transaction.


After you withdraw money, it will take 4 or 5 business days to credit the amount to your bank account. Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday or any public holidays. If you have still any questions regarding withdrawing money from skrill then comment below or contact me.

34 thoughts on “How to deposit and withdraw your fund from skrill in India?

  1. if we use inr for withdrew then do we still need to pay bank charges …here we already paid skrill for converting usd to inr ?please reply

    1. you have to pay skrill fee 421rupees as well as fx fee. Make sure your source of money is not from any betting site

  2. ICICI bank ask for source of money and hold my payment from skrill account to bank withdrawal. I earned money from forex trading (Iq option, IC Markets) and withdrawal to my skrill account .
    When I withdrawal money from skrill to ICICI bank account, Bank hold my payment and ask me to give source(Purpose) of money. Forex trading is not leagle in india. Now What should I do?
    Waiting for your reply!!! Thanks!

    1. you can withdraw but it will cause a suspicious transaction and your bank people may freeze that amount. As all transaction related to betting, poker, casino are illegal in India.

  3. dear sir thanks for this best info.. sir how much maximum amount we can take withdraw by skrill to our bank monthly or per day? whats the limitation of the withdraw….

    1. If the source of your money is from betting or trading then, you should not withdraw to the bank because its illegal in India. If you still withdraw then your fund might be frozen by bank people.

  4. is it at all possible to withdraw money from skrill if the source of that money is from betting. in india

  5. I did a withdrawal of minimal amount from Skrill to my SBI account and got transferred immediately.Since it is a betting amount will it cause any problems in future?

  6. How to get Allahabad bank borivali branch West Swift code .It is not available on net and bank employees not helping me.

    1. you can use your main city branch swift code. you will get it from Net.
      suppose you are staying in Mumbai you can use this code ” ALLAINBBXXX ” as your swift code. The work of swift code is currency conversion. if local branch swift code is not available then main branch swift code can be used

  7. if the amount is from betting as u said the amount will be frozen by banks. So what do u suggest me to do if i want to withdraw the amount from skrill or netteller which i earned from betting.

  8. 1) ICICI has Separate swift codes for each currency ( INR , USD, EUR)
    if skrill account is in USD and I am withdrawing to ICICI Bank (in INR) what Swift code to be used
    2) If the source of your money is from or forex trade then, then how to withdraw?
    3) what to declare when bank ask for source of money if it is through forex trading

    1. Use Inr swift code because you finally receive it in Inr. Some banks does not ask about that but still some banks ask. In this case you need to contact us.

  9. Sir in my Skrill account it is not showing country India is showing presently it is not available in your country for withdrawing..what to do..for all of you it is showing

  10. Hi Sir, I have some amount in my Skrill amount, can I transfer that amount to my friend Skrill account which is based on France , so he can withdraw that amount send back to me?
    i have earned from gambling though

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