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How to Deposit Money in Neteller?

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Many people ask me, how can they add fund to their Neteller account? Therefore here I am going to show you the different options which you can use to fund your Neteller account in India. Basically, there are 4 ways which you can use to add money in Neteller.

You can deposit through

  1. bitcoin
  2. bank transfer
  3. debit card or credit card
  4. skrill account

Fund your account using bitcoin

You can fund your account using your bitcoin wallet.  The minimum amount you can deposit is 325 rs. But funding through bitcoin will cost you too much as it includes a lot of transaction fee.  Neteller will charge only 1% fee but it may be your wallet will charge 450 to 500 rs conversion fee no matter the amount you are going to deposit.

Fund your account using bank transfer

This is another option to fund your Neteller account. Bank deposits are not instant. It may take 4 or 5  business days money to be credited to your account. If it takes more than 15 days then the transaction will be canceled. Once you have done a bank transfer you have to submit a bank statement to Neteller.  For bank transfer, Neteller won’t charge any transaction fees. But your bank may charge the foreign exchange fee.  Fx fee may vary bank to bank. Most of the bank charge 500 rupees for transaction up to 500 USD and 1000 rupees for the transaction above 500 USD.

Fund your account using your debit card or credit card

Now, this is the only suitable option to deposit your fund in Neteller.  If you have an international debit card which has a logo visa or MasterCard then you can use your card to deposit your money in Neteller. All international debit card from a nationalized bank or private banks is acceptable by Neteller. Card deposits are instant. The moment you do a transaction using your debit card or credit card the very moment it will be credited to your Neteller account. For visa debit card deposits Neteller will charge 1.09% transaction fee but for MasterCard deposits, it will charge 2.25% of transaction fees. Apart from Neteller fee, your bank may charge foreign exchange fees.

And you only can deposit for the non-gambling purpose as all gambling transaction are restricted by the bank and considered illegal.


Transfer money from skrill to Neteller

This is another option to fund your Neteller account. If you have a Skrill account then you can transfer your fund from skrill to Neteller.  Skrill and Neteller belong to the same company paysafe group. Neteller has an option to deposit money by using your Skrill account. The transaction fee is 3%. If you still have questions, then you contact me or you can leave a comment below. I will try to solve your issue regarding deposit your cash in Neteller.


How to deposit your fund in Neteller using your debit card?

Neteller accepts International VISA debit card or  MasterCard to fund your account.  If you want to deposit your Neteller account then get a visa card or MasterCard from your bank and the First thing you can do is to add your debit card in Neteller to deposit some amount and verify your card.

Verification of your card is important in order to avoid the limited transactions in future. Now below, I am going to show you with step by step guide how can you deposit your money in neteller by using your debit card.


step 1- log in to your Neteller account

step 2-  click on money in

step 3- Select debit card visa or master card


step 4- Now one new page will be opened where you will be instructed to type your card details like card number, expiry date, CVV code. And type the amount which you want to deposit and then select your currency. Next, the most important thing you have to choose is the purpose of your transaction. Select non-gambling option then click on continue. Because if you select the gambling option then the transaction will be declined as all gambling, betting site is restricted in India. If you want to deposit gambling money in Neteller then visit this post

Once you filled up details, it will redirect to your bank website and there you need to fill up your OTP and complete the transaction.




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