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How to create and verify your neteller account in India?

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Neteller is an online e-wallet operated by Paysafe financial services limited which is a part of the Paysafe group used for online transactions to deposit and withdrawing money from merchant sites such as forex trading and online gambling(betting, casino, poker). Right now Neteller is available in 200 countries all over the world.


How safe Neteller payment system?

Well, it is one of the most trusted online payment gateway founded in 1999.  The first thing about Neteller is it is one of the oldest payment processors in the world. No financial company withstands for a long time if it does something wrong. I personally using Neteller for a long time and I never faced any transaction issues. Even if you face any minor issues their support system is too strong. You can contact them via phone, email or social networking sites like facebook and twitter.


And their internal security is too strong.  They have the latest anti-fraud security tools and features to protect your account. They allow you to add two-step authentication features to give an extra security to your account. Even a person have your log in details and tried to log in from another device still he can not log in because Neteller security system will easily identify that and will ask different questions before he completely failed.


If you are involved with forex trading or gambling (betting or casino) then Neteller will be the safest and easiest way to load and receive money from merchant sites like bet365,betway,1xbet or IQ option. Below I am going to show you how you can create and verify your account in Neteller.


How to create an account in Neteller?

Creating an account in Neteller is very easy. just click the banner below. You will be redirected to the Neteller website. There you can type your email, choose your account currency carefully. Because it can not be changed later. If you are from India then you might like currency in INR.  Next type your address. Name a city which is same with your Id and your bank address or else account verification will be difficult.  Once you have done everything clicks on open account. Now your account will be opened and next step will be account verification in or order to remove the transaction limit.  Now click the banner below to join with Neteller




If you have created your Neteller account and get stuck with its verification, then this post will help you to verify it. Earlier it has only one option to verify that is ID verification. Now you need to go through 5 steps for the complete verification of your Neteller account. Otherwise, your account may be limited to certain transactions. That may be 7000 INR. After that, your account will be blocked for further transactions. That is the reason, you need complete verification to remove the block and enable your account fully.

Follow these 5 steps to complete verification


  1. fund your account
  2. set up your security questions
  3. verify your Government ID
  4. location verification
  5. ownership verification.



How to fund your Neteller account?

Funding is the first step to verify your Neteller account. There are many ways, you can fund your account. Just log into your Neteller and click on verifying your account. Then click on fund your account.


Once you click on fund your account, you will get several options to fund some amount in Neteller. You can use your card or Skrill account to deposit little amount.  If you use your card then you need minimum amount 325 rupees to deposit and if you have a Skrill account then you need 5 to 10 rupees for minimum deposit to verify your first step. If you don’t have a card or Skrill account or you might have a card which is not working or your transaction is getting declined then you can contact your friend to transfer minimum 325 rupees to your Neteller account then this step will be verified. If you don’t have a friend who has a Neteller account, then you can contact me so that I can help you to deposit in your account.

create your personal security questions

This is your second step verification.  Follow the same process above. Just click on verifying your account and click on create your personal security questions.

Next, you have to select 3 easy questions and answer it.  Security questions are necessary for your account security. Therefore it is very important for you to remember all security questions and its answers. Suppose you want to log in to your Neteller account in another device rather than the device which you used to create your account then, in that case, it will ask your security answers to complete the sign in. If you forgot then your account might be blocked or you may not log in.

How to verify your ID in Neteller?

This is your third step Neteller verification. Here you need any of your government issued ID card to verify this step. Below are some ID documents which is acceptable by Neteller. You need one of the below.

  1. voter id card
  2. pancard
  3. passport
  4. driving license

If you have one of the above documents then scan its front and back side and save it in the computer folder in JPG format. Then come to your Neteller account dashboard and click on verifying your account in the same process. Next, you can see your third step which says, submit identity verification documents and click on it. Then next page you have to select the document type ( voter id, Adharcard or passport etc). Then type the ID number. Next expiry date. Some documents have an expiry date like a passport or driving license. If you are going to verify with voter card or Adharcard in that case select no in expiry date. Next click on continue.


Once you click on continue, it will be redirected to start document verification page. Just click on start verification.

Next another page will be opened. There you can choose your country and select the id type. If you want to verify with voter id card or Adharcard then select identity card.

Next, it will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to use the webcam to scan the document or upload your existing image. If you use the webcam to scan your id card then it will not be clear especially your text in documents can’t be readable and your documents will be rejected by Neteller verification team. Therefore, it is wise to upload the existing image. Make sure you already have scanned your id document and saved it on the computer. Now click on the upload existing image and upload the id card front side or back side.



How to verify your location in Neteller?

This is the fourth step Neteller verification. If you already completed the above 3 steps then this step will be highlighted after you click on verifying your account from your dashboard.  Now click on verify location. Next one screen will appear which has two options. Either you can allow your browser to access your location so that their system will check whether it matches your registered address. But this option never works. because their geolocation is not correct. Therefore you have to go for another option which is uploading your address verification document. For address verification, you need one of the following documents.

  1. credit card statement – bank statement
  2. utility bill – water bill, electricity bill or internet bill which is in your name
  3. school enrollment letter.

The easiest document is your bank statement. Go to your bank and ask for a recent statement which has a bank stamp and signature of a bank employee at the bottom of the statement. Next, scan the document and save it in the computer folder. Now sign in Neteller and click on location verification and select credit card statement to upload your bank statement.


How to verify account ownership

This is the 5th and final step of your account verification. If you completed above 4 steps then this step will be highlighted.  Just click on verifying your account and next click on verify account ownership and then webcam will be opened. Here you have to take two selfie photo by holding any of your id cards next to your face. You have to take one photo with id card front side and another photo with id card back side. Make sure the text of your cards will be readable otherwise Neteller verification team may reject it. This step will be better in android mobile. If your mobile has internet access then sign in to Neteller in your mobile and complete this step because computer webcam photo is not clear.

After going through above 5 steps, your next step will be waiting for a maximum 2 business days to get a confirmation email from Neteller. If you have submitted right documents then Neteller verification team will review it and send a final email to you that your account has been fully verified. Once your account will be verified then there will be no transaction limit for you.


If you are unable to upload or scan the documents in Neteller website then send all your documents to their support email  Then they will review your documents and verify your account.


Neteller Transaction limit

Once your account has been verified,  you can do the highest amount of transactions.  Per day they will allow you to do a minimum Rs 325 and maximum Rs 3,25.000 to send and receive money.  You can find complete transaction limit below.


Minimum per transaction – 5 USD

Maximum per transaction – 5,000 USD

Maximum per 24h – 10,000 USD

Maximum per 7 days – 20,000 USD

Maximum per 30 days – 50,000 USD

Sending and receiving money through Neteller

If you want to send money to your friends in Neteller all you need is their Neteller email Id. Through Neteller email, you can send money to them. Same with receiving money. You can give them your Neteller email Id and they can send money to you. It is a very easy process without sharing your financial documents.

How to send money?

follow the step below

  1. log in to your account
  2. click on money transfer
  3. select send money to an email or Neteller account
  4. type your security Id (6 digit code) and click on continue
  5. Next type your friend’s email, amount, and select currency and then click on continue
  6. final step review your transaction details and confirm the amount

Then money will be credited to your friends Neteller account.

Neteller security Id

Neteller account Id is different from Neteller security Id. The moment you register with Neteller you will get your account Id and it can not be changed. It is for your account Identification. But Neteller secure id is needed to transfer funds and loading money in merchant sites.  And it can be changed if you want. If you do not know your secure id, then log into your account and you can find your secure id under account overview.

If you can not remember your security id then click on reset. And it will send a link to your registered email to reset your secure Id.  Never share your security id with other persons.

Neteller app

you can use Neteller app for instant deposit or send money. It is a very good app to send money Instantly. You can upload this app in your android phone. Once uploaded you can log in to this app by using your Neteller security id.  from Neteller App you can see your transaction details, upload money by using your cards and send money to your friends.


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