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how to create and verify your Skrill account in India?

Skrill is an online payment processor to receive and send money online. Over the years, skrill has evolved as one of the trusted online payment processors to do a transaction online. It is a London based company started in 2001 providing one of the secure and quick digital payment online. It is also one of the alternatives to other payment processors like Neteller



Below I will show you how to create an account in Skrill and how you can verify your account. Before that make sure,  you have a bank account or debit card to receive money.  And now click the banner below to sign up with Skrill.



Next one page will be opened, it will ask for your email, password. Just fill up and click on next



STEP 2 –

Fill up your personal details.  Such as your name, surname, date of birth and then click on next




Now select country, the currency you want to receive money and then click on next.




Fill up your address details with pin code and then click on next.




fill up your ph. no. select the captcha and then select the box terms and condition. And finally click on open  account.




Now check your registered email and confirm your account.








Once you click on the confirmation link, then your email will be verified and it will ask you to log in to your account. Now, you can use your registered email and password to log into your account.



How to add Your bank account in Skrill?

You already created your account and after login, you will see the following images below. Here you can add your bank account, debit card or credit card. Now if you want to receive money with bank account then click on add bank account.


Click on cards and bank accounts and then click on add bank account




Next, one pop up window will appear,  fill up your country name, bank swift code, bank account number, If you do not know your bank swift code just ask your bank employee or you can find it in online by clicking this link. Once you fill up your bank details then click on “add account and continue”.



How to verify your Skrill account?

Here I will show you step by step method, how to verify your Skrill account.  Because without verification you have certain limitations to do the transaction with Skrill. Once that limit is over your account will be blocked for further transactions. Therefore it is very important for you to verify your account to remove and to avoid the further block of your account. Earlier it has only one option to verify your account that is you need to upload your government issued id. But right now you have to go through 4 steps in order to enable your account fully.


4 steps required to verify your Skrill account

below are the steps you need to follow in order to verify your Skrill account.

  1. fund your Skrill account
  2. upload your government issued id scan copy(front and back side)
  3. Verify your location (upload your bank statement scan copy)
  4. Upload your two selfie photo by holding your ID next to your face.


How to Fund your account in Skrill?

Here I am going to show your first step of your Skrill verification. The first step is funding your Skrill account. You can deposit little amount in Skrill by using your debit card or you can ask your friend who has a skrill account to send some money to your account then this step will be verified. If you do not have a friend then contact me or comment below then I can help you to verify this step.

Step 1- log in to your Skrill account.

step 2 – Now from your account dashboard, click on upload.


step 3- Once you click on upload, you will get several options to deposit your money. You can deposit through bitcoin or bank transfer or you can deposit by using your debit card or credit card. The most suitable and instant deposit is through the debit card. Just select the debit card option. see below

step 4- Now select card option and click on continue. Next one page will be opened where you can type the amount(minimum 100rs) then select the non-gambling option and type your security code which is the CVV code of your card. You will get CVV code from the back side of your card last 3 digit number.  Then click on continue. See image below.

Step 5- Once you click on continue, It will redirect your bank website and it will ask you OTP(one time password) which will be sent to your bank registered mobile. Just type the code and complete the transaction.


Now your first step will be verified. Go for the second step for verification by uploading your government issued id. You can upload scan copy of one of the following documents.

Below are the accepted documents for id verification. You need one of the following documents.  Just scan its front side and the back side and then upload it to your Skrill account.

  • voter id card
  • Adharcard
  • driving license
  • passport

How to verify your ID in Skrill?


step 1 – Now, in your account dashboard, click on “verify your account”


step 2-  Once you click on to verify my account, you will get a page where you can click on “limits & verification”. See below


step 3- next click on verify my account. see image below.


step 4-  Once you click on verify account you will get one option start verification. Just click on it.



step 5- Now another page will be opened which will ask you to choose the country and select the ID type. Now you can select your country and select your id type. If you want to verify with voter id card or Adharcard then select Identity card. See image below.


step 6- Once you selected identity card, you will be presented with two options. You can use the webcam to scan your id document. If you have an android phone and have an internet access then it will be easy for you to use the webcam to scan your voter id card or Adharcard because in computer webcam scan will not be clear and if the text of your id card is not readable then skrill verification team will reject the document. Another option you can upload the scan copy of your existing id card.


Now if you are going to upload existing image, then upload it front and back side of scan copy and same with the webcam. Once you uploaded one scan copy it will ask for continue to upload second scan copy. Once you uploaded the two copies then click on confirm. Next, you will get a screen like below. And wait for some time so that their system can analyze your document.


Once it is completed you will get a message like below. That your documents have been received. Now your second step verification process completed. Go for third step verification.



Verify your location(bank statement scan copy)

This is your third step verification for Skrill. In this step, you need a recent bank statement scan copy. And follow the above steps as you have gone through id verification. And you will have two options to upload your bank statement. One is through webcam and another is uploading the existing document.If you have a mobile and has internet access then scan the copy of your bank statement through webcam otherwise upload the existing document. Then your document will be received.

Verify your account ownership

This is your fourth and final step of Skrill verification.  In this step, you have to submit two selfie photos of yourself by holding a voter id card or Adharcard next to your face. you have to present two selfie photo of your id card front side and back side. To complete this step you have to go through the process as you gone through id verification.


Once you have gone through all the process above, then your documents will be received. Then the skrill verification team will review your documents and within 24 hours you will get a confirmation email regarding your verification status. If you submitted the right documents then your account will be verified.


Verify your Skrill account by sending an email

If you are unable to upload your documents to your Skrill account after login then just scan all your documents and send an email Below you can follow the method

Step 1,  fund your Skrill account. (little amount)

Step 2. scan your id card(front and back) and bank statement,

Step 3. Take two selfie photos by holding a govt id card(pan card or Adhar or voter id card) next to your face (front and back side )

Step 4.  Send an email to by uploading all your documents. See below

verify skrill account by sending an email

Once you have sent an email they will review your documents and if they will find your documents are correct then they will verify your account within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please comment below and I will be happy to solve your problem.

95 thoughts on “how to create and verify your Skrill account in India?

  1. Verify location.. I have a bank statement with different address as compared to addhaar card but both belong to India, will that be ok!

    1. When you deposit or withdraw money from your bank there will be a printed record of your total transaction available in your bank account. That is called bank statement. If you need a bank statement then go to your bank and ask a recent bank statement which will be needed in skrill location verification.

  2. Well I have two questions,that for ID verification we can use pan card too?and what if my bank doesn’t have swift code?can we use swift code of nearby Branch of same bank?btw nice post man..

    1. Did you try with pancard? I know some friends they verified with pancard. But sometimes they don’t accept.

      For ID verification acceptable documents are

      Adhar card
      Voter id card
      Driving license

      Pancard is okay with ownership or selfie verification.

      If your branch has no swift code then use main branch or nearby branch swift code.

    1. That means you have to hold your any govt id ( pancard, or adharcard or voter id card) next to your face and take two snaps front side and back side of your id card. Then upload it in Neteller account to verify your account ownership

  3. My adderess is different in aadhar and voter id which is not there in driving lic and bank statement which i have provised will they accept

  4. Hi Can I withdraw money to my bank account without verifying Skrill account
    I tried Skrill 2-3 months back but they again and again rejected my documents saying not clear images.
    But now I am facing issues with Payza…can you pls help me

    1. Without verification, you can withdraw money. But they have the certain limit. If your transaction crossed the limit then you can not withdraw money. My suggestion is to verify your skrill account before making a withdrawal. Next, for payza their domain seized by US authority for money laundering. Still, their website is working fine with another address. Just click the link and log in by using your payza email and password.

      1. Yes I checked payza on new domain Bt m still facing problems…So I have sent docs again to Skrill…But I don’t get their verification process because on PayPal and payza my account was easily verified…On neteller and Skrill it’s so hectic

          1. If you did not get any reply from them then either, they might be removed that email for accepting documents. Or you submitted the documents on holidays. They don’t reply on Saturday and Sunday or any public holidays. Wait for one more day, if you still did not get any reply then upload your documents on their website by logging into skrill or send a support ticket by uploading your documents and explain everything

  5. Hi what could I send for address verification ?? I have sent bank statement Bt they are not taking, What should I do ? Pls help

    1. they will accept the bank statement. Make sure you did not submit the net banking or passbook scan copy. Another thing your city name in bank statement should be matched with your id card which you have submitted earlier.

  6. Where can I contact them ? Is there any phone no. Or chat option ? I have emailed them but their response coming almost after 24 hours and sat sun they don’t work.

  7. Skrill is not accepting my online bank statement….Is there any option to provide my address…Can they accept driving licence for address verification….

    1. skrill will accept any bank statement. Make sure you did not submit the net banking statement or passbook scan copy. You have to move your bank and ask for a recent bank statement. Another thing your city name in id should be same with your bank. No, they do not accept the driving license for address or location verification. It is only for Id verification. If you have other financial documents like college enrollment fee you can submit it. Make sure your city name should be same as Id

    1. Right now without verification you cannot even send or withdraw a single rupee. However, you can receive any amount you want.

  8. My pan card addresss and bank statement address are different only in village name otherwise all is same ….will skrill accpt this document plz reply….

  9. My pan card addresss and bank statement address are different only in village name otherwise all is same ….will skrill accpt this document plz reply….

  10. Sir i have uploaded my bank account 2 time and utility bill 1 time they rejected my documents and skrill has restricted my account for securty reason don’t know why
    ..what should i do sir for verification removing this restriction.

    1. your account is not verified that’s why it has been restricted for further transaction. once it will be verified restriction will be lifted.

      1. Hi admin I need transaction statement copy from skrill money Booker’s because I have betway account he hold my transaaction because he asking skrill account statement tell how will get

  11. Sir in utility bill my name is not der only my dad name in present is it ok for location verification

  12. I uploaded adhar card for identity verification but they reject can I use pancard for the same in skril .but in pancard no address will there we know that I also uploaded creditcard statement for location they accepted for location only

  13. To fund the account how much I have to deposit? They are sending an one time password ? If they send this otp, where I will get it? Is this the procedure still or it has been changed?

  14. Sir. Could you please fund my skrill account with 100 rupees so I will deposit it to your account.
    Please let me have your account details for deposit.
    Please do this help.
    Thank you sir.

  15. sir i open my new verified skrill account and now i want to deposit in exness broker for trading from skrill but payment failed merchant message appear on screen sir kindly help me plz

  16. Sir,it will take 15 days for me to get the card from bank. Could you please fund my account with 100 rupees? I will deposit it to your account.

  17. Hi, i uploaded by bank statement to verify my address. But they rejected 2 times. I am not actually sure why they reject, they said it was not under valid criteria. Isn’t bank statement applicable for verification from nepal?

    1. Yes, bank statement applicable make sure your bank statement address and country id address should be same. And another thing is make sure you have brought a recent bank statement from your bank where your address should be mentioned and bank stamp should be there

  18. Hi Sir,
    I have a driving licence in my native address (Permanent address), but the bank statement is in city address (Present address). For city address i have Bank statement. But Bank statement doesn’t match with the address which is on ID card. Could you please help me to resolve this issue?! Please advise.

  19. hi sir,

    I have uploaded online bank statements from multiple banks but still it is rejected…online statements will not be accepted… So for final try I send landline billbonline statement will it be accepted….if not how to get my money back…as I can’t go and bring statement from bank I am staying in other place…

    1. Some net banking statements are accepted in neteller. But if you are talking about skrill then you need a
      n offline bank statement. Apart from bank statement they do accept other financial documents like utility bill or other insurance invoices.

  20. I am working in us based company and income is in usd.. For creating an skrill account (country and currency option) what i should give.. I want as INR i am living in india

    1. Once you sign up they will ask the documents to verify your account. You have to choose the country where your documents belong. Like govt ID and bank statement. Regarding currency you can select the currency which you are going to receive.

  21. I receieve a monthly statement from my bank in my email. It has my address and other details. Can I submit it for verification? It worked with PayPal verification

  22. I gave all the documents and skrill accepted already 2 days happened still i didnot get any Email verify complete. Why still i didnot get if i gave wrong verify then i did not get any Email

  23. I uploaded my address proof dated 15.12.2018 but my account not verify I am also mail to help@skrill with bank statement yet my account not verify what to do I please reply this message

    1. Online bank statement wont work.just go to your bank ask them a recent bank statement where your address must be located on the top of the statement. Make sure your address in Skrill is same with address in bank statement. Atleast city might be same.

  24. My skrill account got blocked due to verification.its showing under review status for more than 2 days. When they unlock my account

  25. I Have Uploaded My Dads Driving License it Has Been Accepted And Now Am Trying To Upload Gas Bill(Registered By Dad ) But It Has Been Rejected Every Time , And One More Thing is User Id Is My Name What Would I Do To Resolve This probelm

    1. For location verification you need any utility bill like current bill or gas bill. Make sure name and address must be same. Or else try bank statement

  26. Hello, firstly let me thank you for this nice and detailed post.
    I wish to open my Skrill account soon. My question to you is as follows:

    * I have an ICICI Visa credit card and HDFC savings bank account. Will this combination work with the Skrill new account opening process?

    Thanks in advance.

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