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how to verify your debit card or credit card in Skrill?

If you want to deposit your fund in Skrill, then you just need to verify your card. Because without verification you have certain limitations to do the transactions. Once that limit will be over, you can not proceed further transactions unless you verify your card. Therefore it is very important for you to verify your card before you make any deposit. Here in this post, we are going to explain, step by step how to verify your debit card or credit card in Skrill.


Which debit cards or credit cards are acceptable by Skrill?

Any card which has logo visa or MasterCard is acceptable by Skrill. But card must be used for international transactions. If you want to deposit with a debit card, then go to your bank and ask for an international debit card which has logo VISA or Mastercard.  You can prefer visa over the MasterCard. Because visa debit cards have fewer transaction fees. For visa card transaction fees 1.09% and master card Skrill will charge 2.25%.  Apart from skrill transaction fees, your bank may charge foreign exchange fee as they have no hold over your bank.


Anyway get an international visa debit card or MasterCard debit card and log in to Skrill to verify it. Before you are going to verify, you must have to add your card in Skrill.


How to add your debit card or credit card in Skrill?

Here I am going to show you step by step process with images. Just follow the steps below in order to add your card in Skrill.


Step 1- log in to your Skrill account

step 2- click on “Card or bank accounts” from your account dashboard. See the image below.



step 3-  Next, click on “Add debit card or credit card”.


Step 3- Fill up your card number, expiry date and security code(CVV number). Then click on save.


step 4- Once you saved your card details, then again click on card and bank accounts.  Then you will get a verify option right side of your card. Click on verify.


step 5.

Next one screen will be opened. And it will ask you type your security code(CVV code). Type your 3 digit CVV number and click on save.


step 6 – Once you click on save, one new screen will appear and it will tell you that skrill is going to debit little amount from your bank account and you have to check the bank statement to confirm the transaction. see below.

see the image above. Here you have to select the non-gambling option and click on the “debit amount and verify”.


Two ways to verify your card(either code or the amount in euro)


Step 7-  Once you click on the debit amount and verify, then skrill will deduct some amount from your bank account and then you have to locate skrill transaction and find out two things. Either the amount which has been deducted by skrill or the code which has been sent by skrill to your transaction. If you located the transaction and found the exact amount then you can verify that amount. but the amount must be in euro.

If the amount deducted is showing in Indian rupee then you cannot verify that amount. You have to go for other option. That is to find out the code sent by skrill. let us look at the transaction below.


In 5th September I applied for verification. Now you can see the transaction. Money has been debited in Indian rupees. That is  Rs163.15. As it is showing in Indian rupees then you cannot verify this amount. Next, go for the code. Yes, I have found the 4 digit code 5407

step 8- Now come to your Skrill account and click on the card and bank account and next click on finish verification. see below.



Step 9- This is your final step, Once you click on finish verification, you will get one screen like below where you have to type the code and click on submit.


Now, the moment you click on submit your debit card will be verified.


How to verify if you did not get the code nor amount in euro?


Sometimes it happens you cannot locate the code nor your bank statement shows the amount in euro like the statement below.

Then, in that case, you can follow the steps below.

  • take a screenshot of your statement
  • send a support ticket  to the email by  uploading your bank statement
  • Tell them that you did not get either the code nor the amount in euro and please verify my card.
  • Then they will review your support ticket and verify your card.

If you have any questions or you may be facing any problem with debit card verification then please comment below.  or you can contact me by clicking the contact option here






11 thoughts on “how to verify your debit card or credit card in Skrill?

    1. for the code, you can check your bank statement or credit card statement. Euro won’t show as Indian bank statements show in INR.

  1. How to verify debit card without bank statement…They keep asking for card statement. But if m using Debit Card there is no way to provide card statement …Coz Transactions are recorded in bank statement. Pls advise

  2. Pls I want to know if they would accept my Account satement linked to my Visa card for the card verification?

    1. see the code. If you did not get code then send a screenshot of your bank statement. They can check it and verify your card.

  3. ‘Can’t verify my visa card, as it converts Indian rupees in euro but my OTP comes in Indian rupees but at the face value of euro, thus, transaction fails every time’. Please help

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