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How to verify your card in neteller?

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The most suitable way to deposit your fund in Neteller is using your debit card or credit card. But the card must be an international debit card or credit card and its logo must be visa, MasterCard, visa electron or Maestro. Whatever the card you use, the first thing you have to know that you have to validate your card with Neteller.  With an unverified card, you cannot do unlimited transactions. It is limited to maximum 20,000 rs. If you want to remove that limit then you have to verify your card. Here in this post, I am going to show you, how to verify your debit card in Neteller.

How to verify your debit card in Neteller?

Before you are going to verify your card, you must have to deposit little amount in Neteller by using your card so that the validate option will be highlighted. Follow the steps below.

step 1 – sign in to your Neteller account

step 2- click on the money in

step 3- select the card you want to deposit

step 4- Once you selected the card, you have to fund minimum 325 rupees in order to get validate option.

How to deposit your fund in Neteller using the debit card?

You can select a card which you want but choosing the visa card is better than the master card. As you can see visa card has fewer transaction fees than the MasterCard. Visa has 1.09% transaction fee whereas MasterCard has 2.25% transaction fee. But it still depends on you. Now let me explain how to deposit fund using the debit card.

step 5- lets select visa debit card


step 6 –

Next, select the amount (minimum 325rs), type the card number, expiry date, security code(CVV number). Next select non-gambling option. Then click on continue. Then one page will be opened to confirm your card details. Next, it will redirect to your bank website and ask for OTP(one-time password) or your bank password. Then type your OTP or password to finish the transactions.


Once the transaction has been completed then click on money in and see your card on top. You will get one option validate fixed with your card. Just click on it. See below.


Now one page will be opened and it will ask you to locate the transaction in your bank statement which you have done sometimes before and find out the 4 digit code which has been sent by Neteller.  See the image below.


Now if you have a net banking just log in to your bank account and locate the transaction. you will see an image below and after ECOM-Neteller you will get 4 digit code. That is the code you need to type in above validation box to verify your debit card in Neteller.




Hope this article will help you to verify your debit card or credit card in Neteller. If you have any questions please contact us or comment below. If you like this article, please share it with your friends






10 thoughts on “How to verify your card in neteller?

  1. First of all,thanks. I’m having trouble finding the validation code on my bank statement (actually the transaction in the statement doesn’t have a code! Bank-state bank of india) but for all other neteller deposit transactions, there is same 4 digit code. This code worked for me & got my card validated.
    In above post, I noticed that both transactions have same code. So, I checked once in my deposit transactions and voila! Card verified. So, here the irony is, my cade is in all the neteller deposit transactions except the actual validation transaction!

    1. Yeah, sometimes it happens like that. Any deposit you made with neteller you will get a code and that code is needed to get verify your account.

    2. Please help me because I am facing same problem iam still in able in finding 4 digit validation code my bank transactions are Vin/neteller. 67/ 2018 0410172117/0 kindly temm me what is the 4 digit validation code

      1. I can not locate the code from your transaction. That means some bank does not show the code in their statement. In that case, you can send a support ticket to Neteller. And upload a screenshot of your bank statement. Their support email is You can tell them you funded in your Neteller account but did not receive the 4 digit code in your bank statement and please see the image of the bank statement and verify the card. They will verify it.

  2. hi, I have deposited USD10 before 3weeks…but still my validation code is not genarated…pls help guid me to get my validation code for my payment…

    1. the moment you deposit there will be a code generated and it will be shown on your card statement.If you did not get the code yet that means the statement is not showing that code. Better you can take a screenshot of your statement and send an email ( to their support team. They will review the image you sent and will verify your card.

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